Support one of the oldest alternative spaces in the metro-area. Build your career as an artist or curator. See the hottest emerging art! All memberships are valid for one year. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Benefits to Artists

We view membership as an integral part of our mission to give new and emerging artists a chance to exhibit in a respected professional venue. Each year cWOW exhibits the work of 150—200 artists in our on—site, off—site and traveling exhibitions.
Your chances of being exhibited are better than 50/50 -- These odds are exceptionally good compared to for-profit galleries and art competitions. But since our membership is open to anyone, and we are not a co-op or collective, we cannot guarantee that your work will be exhibited. cWOW operates like a museum for emerging artists, using independent curators and jurors who must have curatorial freedom to ensure our reputation for quality and to generate serious press attention.

Your work will be seen by each curator for every show -- Though curators have total freedom to propose whomever they wish, we strictly require them to look at each current member's slides. And our record of exhibiting over half the membership each year proves that curators are open to new artists if you just get them to look.

You will have new exhibition opportunities each year -- Since cWOW presents group shows exclusively, with new themes, curators and jurors each year, your work is constantly being examined in a new context.

We guarantee open exhibitions during each year of your membership -- Instead of scheduling exhibitions far in advance, we keep open slots each year to ensure that you have a chance at being selected for shows during your membership.

Our artist registry is one of the largest, most professional, and most active in the entire state and region -- Because of our 30-year longevity and reputation, curators consider us a great resource when putting together shows. The more members we have, the more valuable our registry is to curators.

We do off-site and traveling shows, large-scale public art commissions, and education projects -- cWOW offers extensive opportunities to member artists through projects which extend well beyond our walls, including venues like the Seton Hall Law School.

We make money for artists -- In recent years we have paid artists more than $100,000 from commissions, art sales and awards, as well as mentor, juror, lecture and exhibition stipends.

We publish illustrated catalogues for every show -- Our professionally produced catalog includes photographs of the included works. Like reviews, they become basic promotional tools for artists.

Artist Members are encouraged to submit show proposals, even if their own work is included -- We find that when a curator's own work is included in a proposal, he or she often has a better grasp of the show's concept, and is more professional and energetic in organizing the exhibition. We are happy to work with first-time curators as part of our mission to create opportunities in the arts.

cWOW is one of the few galleries dedicated exclusively to emerging artists -- We are here to help artists who are not yet formally represented by a for-profit gallery.

Our gallery space is professional, highly visible and easily accessible. -- If you haven't visited us lately, you might not realize why we've been receiving so much positive attention from the press, our colleagues, our members and our visitors. Stop by and check us out.

And there's more: other benefits for members -- In addition to exhibition consideration, we also offer member discounts, internships, information on artist housing, competitions, grants, taxes and legal help.


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